Stannah Stairlift Installed In West Cork

Here is one of our latest Stairlifts installed in Castletown Bere. This Stannah 600 stairlift was installed onto a concrete stairway that served both flats and as a fire escape to some business offices.

The pictures above show how little space the Stannah 600 Stairlift takes up when neatly folded away despite being position further out from the wall due to a wooden ledge behind

the chair, you can just see it in the first picture.

Stannah 600 Powered Swivel Options, pictured below are the swivel options available on the 600 model range, this option allows the chair to swivel in both directions at the touch of the control, this aids the user when disembarking the lift. At the top, giving safe access to the landing and at the bottom, increasing the space available, especially if there is a wall directly in front of the stairlift when it reaches its parked position.

All our stairlifts come fully guaranteed, are expertly installed by engineers that have been trained by the manufacturers, this ensures the stairlifts are installed to the highest standards of safety and the needs of the customer and their homes. For more details check out our website.