What Are The Benefits of Getting A Stairlift?

If you’re thinking of purchasing a stairlift, either for yourself or for an elderly family member or friend, then there are many questions as to whether or not there are any benefits or advantages to getting a stairlift. Below are some of the advantages to choosing a reliable stairlift.

1. Some people realise that they are unsafe on the stairs, or that they find it hard to climb or descend the stairs and they will choose to live downstairs. Unfortunately this results in losing 50% of their home and often there is no toilet downstairs so they have to resort to use of a commode as well as losing part of their downstairs as a bedroom. A Stairlift eliminates the need to build an addition bedroom or toilet on the first floor of the property. The building work can often be time consuming, untidy and very expensive. In most cases a stairlift will be installed in 4 hours.

2. A DTI survey identified that one person over the age of 65 is killed every five hours as a result of an accidental fall in the home in the UK. A total of 57,000 older people experience falls on steps and stairs in the home every year. Nearly 40% of these falls result in serious injury including fractures and concussion. A great number of these falls could be avoided; there are many reasons why older people are at a greater risk of falling on the stairs.

Physical factors can contribute to the risk of falls including poor gain pattern, lower limb weakness, cognitive impairment medication and poor balance. Environmental factors can also contribute such as steep stairs, objects left on stairs and poor lighting also contribute.

In most cases, the first solution to stair climbing difficulties is the installation of a second banister rail, this is only a short term solution and does not resolve all circumstances and eliminate all risks. A stairlift is a safer option for safe stair climbing and allows the user an effortless safe method of managing the stairs.

Modern Stairlifts are very discreet, they take up little room on the staircase and blend in nicely with most decors. This gives the home owner the full use of their home as well as allowing other family members full, safe use of the staircase.

3. A stairlift could easily boost the users’ confidence. This is because a stairlift will give them the independence to do some of the tasks on their own. As a result, they will not feel helpless.

The fears and worries are often hidden by the elderly, usually from the feeling of not wanting to be a burden, these can take their toll. These worries, added to the thoughts of assisted living or care homes can become very distressing. Staying in the comfort of your own home and surroundings offer peace of mind and serenity.

4. Stairlifts are cost-effective. They offer a cheaper alternative to moving home or building an extension and often can be fitted in a matter of days. Additionally, the elderly can avoid going to assisted living facilities. Thus, they will be able to save considerable amounts of money in the long run. A 2015 article in The Irish Times stated that the average cost of Private or Voluntary Nursing Homes was €896 per week, see the full article below by clicking on the link.

The Irish Times- Nursing Home Cost 2015

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