Fancy Trying Something Different????????

Hello and welcome to our blog, this week whilst installing one of our lifts in County Meath I had the pleasure of bumping into a couple of the original organizers of the Gibbstown Drive In Bingo events, held throughout the year at Gibbstown, Pat and Ann Martin.

It was the first time I’d heard of such and event and was intrigued to hear just how popular it had become. The prizes are great and after listening to the whole set up and help from the local people of Gibbstown and Oristown, I thought it would be great to share their hard work and event.

” We are getting people coming from all over to the event, as far as Armagh and even coming up from Dublin” said Ann

Below is the list of Upcoming events and also the great prize money that is on offer so if your looking for something different to do this Bank Holiday Monday or any of the later dates then give it a try.

Click on the picture to be directed to their Facebook page for more details including where the events are held. Good Luck!!