Stairlifts installed by Access Stairs

In 2014, Access Stairs was appointed Ireland’s only authorised distributor of Stannah Stairlifts – the largest, most recognised stairlift brand globally. How? By sending our technicians off to be trained by Stannah themselves, ensuring each stairlift is installed to the highest safety standards so that users can go back to feeling secure in their homes.

Now managing the servicing and warranty for over 3500 Stannah lifts across the country, we’ve sure got a few to choose from when it comes to remembering installations we’re particularly proud of, but have a look at this small selection! 

Stannah 260 Stairlift in County Meath

Location: Trim, County Meath. 

Chair model: Sienna 

Rail type: Curved

Stannah’s most popular stairlift model, the Sienna is a versatile chair that fits seamlessly into any home, folding away neatly to make the best use of space – which was undoubtedly of the essence on this narrow staircase! Though these stairs are straight, note how little room there is on those top and bottom landings to get the user seated comfortably (and safely) without teetering on the edge of the top step or blocking that bottom hallway. 

These were all points we made a note of from the very start, as we knew right away a straight rail wasn’t going to cut it. Next? Designing a tailored curved rail that would be purpose-built to work around this house’s specifications meant positioning the ends of the rails around the bannister corners to ensure the user could safely seat themselves before being transported up or down their stairs. An added benefit? These rail finishes keep the stairs clear for other users. 

Each house has its own specifications, and every user has different needs, but the versatility of our stairlifts means we always have the tools to work around them effectively to meet our users’ safety needs. 

Stannah Straight Stairlift in Dublin

Location: Dublin

Chair model: Starla

Rail type: Straight

This model, the Starla, brings with it all the refinery you’d expect from a world-class manufacturer, including upholstery to suit a range of décors and powered options to make the user experience as smooth-sailing as possible. Working off two 12v Batteries, this model automatically recharges when not in use, which means that it’s always good to go when you want to use it. 

The challenges posed by this installation? The same as in our first example: a lack of space at the bottom of the stairs. The solution? A straight rail fitted on the far side that comes to a carefully calculated end before the doorway. As you can see in the picture, when taken all the way to the bottom, the chair does, in fact, block the doorway somewhat, but it doesn’t have to stay that way! Once the user’s safely left the chair, it can be scooted a little further up the rail so that it’s parked on the stairs themselves. Then, when it’s ready to be used again, it can be brought down with a click of a button on the remote controls at both the top and bottom. The chair’s slim design means it doesn’t block the stairs when it’s parked on them and can easily be worked around the needs of this house’s residents. 

 Another problem successfully solved!

Stannah 260 Stairlift in County Limerick

Location: Croom, County Limerick

Chair model: Starla

Rail type: Curved

Featuring a manual swivel function as well as a footrest, the Starla’s safety features are what make it a particularly attractive choice. Did you know, for instance, that users must be seated properly with the chair arms fully down before the lift will move? That and the particularly wide range of colours this chair comes in – note once again how tastefully it has been worked into its surroundings! 

At first glance, this wide staircase doesn’t seem to pose much of an installation problem, but there’s more to it than meets the eye! The curtains hanging on the landing halfway up the stairs ensured that wasn’t the case, and a solution had to be found to both protect the curtains from grease and damage and keep them from getting tangled in the stairlift mechanism. The solution? Placing the rail further from the wall than usual to allow the curtains to hang behind it, and fitting clear Perspex as a barrier between the two. 

An elegant solution that works around the house and resident’s specifications! 

Stannah Curved Stairlift in West Meath

Location: Mullingar, West Meath

Chair model: Starla

Rail type: Curved

Another day, another Starla being moulded to its surroundings, its reassuring safety belt and slim fit an absolute must on this staircase. Quite the opposite to installation number three, the problems faced here wwre the width of the stairs and tight angles of the two bends. Solutions were found for both, however, and our technicians left this job feeling completely satisfied that they’d rendered yet another staircase safe for its users. 

The solutions? As you might have noticed, our rails are fitted as close to the wall as they can possibly go, which means the outside of the rail often cuts only 30cm off the stair width. Narrow stairs? Stairs that go around a bend? They’re not a problem, and other users can keep using them safely and comfortably long after the stairlift is installed.

Now for the curves, but they weren’t really a problem either, as all our curved rails are designed and manufactured to meet the exact angles of the staircase they’re to be fitted on. This means they can be designed to overcome any and all obstacles and that there are never any nasty surprises when it comes to installing them on the stairs they were made for.

Worried your stairs aren’t quite right for a stairlift? Concerned about specifications or that it’ll block the way for other users? Get in touch. We’ll come to you, measure your stairs and draw up floorplans. We’ll be able to show you exactly what it’ll look like, and even mould it to fit additional needs. 

Ready to feel safer on your stairs? Give us a call.