Getting a Stairlift fitted in Dublin

Whether new, old, stately or on the more modest side, it’s safe to say most homes weren’t built to accommodate a stairlift.

That’s why, while the perfect stairs are certainly out there, we know better than to plan for ideal scenarios here at Access Stairlifts. We’re more than aware of the need to mould, adapt and problem-solve to give each individual the freedom they seek in their own homes.

As Ireland’s only supplier of Stannah stairlifts, we’re well equipped to shape our stairlifts to any requirements, whether that means designing stairlifts to mould perfectly to an awkward curve in your stairs; finding the ideal place to stop a chair to ensure everyone feels as safe as possible; or finding ways around difficult bannisters or landings. 

Wherever you are in Dublin, rest assured that if you need a stairlift, we’ll do our utmost to make sure you get one to meet all your needs!

Outdoor stairlifts in Dublin

Now, let’s start with those tricky outdoor areas. We think it’s safe to say that mobility is something we generally take for granted. Until it starts to wear away, that is. When we realise that things that used to be a piece of cake are now just outside our reach, it can be heart-breaking… especially when we’re talking about your front door.   

As we walk around Dublin with our gaze trained on spotting inaccessibility, we can’t help but notice how many homes provide a barrier before you’ve even reached the front step. Whether we’re talking a few steps up to a red-brick Georgian home around St. Stephen’s Green, or an entire flight of steps up to a Victorian terraced house near Rathgar, these barriers could well mean the difference between freedom to pop to the shops and being stuck at home, unable to leave in safety. 

Whether up to a front door, to a back porch or even up winding flights of outdoor stairs, fitting a completely weatherproof, outdoor stairlift could give you your mobility back, but also far more than that. It could give you the freedom you’d forgotten you’d lost – of leaving the house worry-free because stairs will no longer be a barrier you have to overcome.  

Straight stairlifts in Dublin

While outdoor steps are visible, as soon as we head inside, our Dublin homes throw up even more challenges to those less able to get around, and a flight of stairs standing between you and your bedroom, or you and your bathroom, could cause massive amounts of stress, not to mention danger. 

Whether you live in a semi-detached house in Rathmines or a terraced property in Blanchardstown, if your staircase is a simple straight up and down affair, a straight stairlift could be all you need to feel safe in your home once again. All you’ll need is enough space at the top and bottom of the staircase for the chair to stop, allowing you to get in and out comfortably and safely. 

Curved stairlifts in Dublin 

Live in a red brick in Drumcondra, a spacious semi in Malahide or even a high-rise near O’Connell Street and facing stairs interspersed with landings, sharp turns, steep stretches and awkward angles? The most adaptable stairlift we fit is the curved variety, which is designed to meet exact specifications. 

Moulded to your precise needs, our curved stairlifts:

  • Go around corners, across landings and around bends, however tight.
  • Can be fitted on either side of your stairs for maximum flexibility. 
  • Are installed only centimetres from your wall or bannister, allowing other users to keep using your stairs safely.
  • Have no maximum length, as they are manufactured in parts that fit together once in your home, ensuring any size of staircase is covered. 

Dublin’s mishmash of architecture is one of the things that gives the city its unique charm, but far from allowing itself to get stuck in the past, the city has changed with the times, combining new building methods and technology with the traditional stone and red brick of times long gone. Haven’t noticed the steel around town? The huge windows and new structures setting off older materials, hauling our homes into the future? That’s what it’s all about, using what we have and adapting it to our new and developing needs, whether that means fitting an outdoor or indoor stairlift, platform lift or ramp, to make sure our homes adjust to suit our changing needs, just like our city has over time. 

Decided a stairlift is what you need to get your independence back? Wherever you live in Dublin, give us a call. We’ll be round in no time to walk you through exactly what you need.