How to choose the right chair for your stairlift

Deciding that a stairlift is the solution to help you overcome the barrier that is your stairs is the first step. Once you’ve weighed up the pros and cons and begun to picture the freedom you’ll regain in your home, the next step is deciding on how your stairlift should look and feel, to meet your needs and fit seamlessly into your home. 

Here at Access Stairlifts, we work with two different stairlift manufacturers to give you as wide a choice as possible, ensuring you find the right chair for you. However, while you have a choice of design, some things aren’t left up to chance, and each stairlift we sell can be installed on both straight and curved stairs and is fitted with safety sensors, lock options and a seatbelt to keep you safe at every turn. Let’s explore your options!

Stannah Stairlifts in Ireland

A UK-based 5th-generation family business, Stannah have been manufacturers since 1967, which has given them a lot of time to hone their product to meet user needs. In addition to optional power swivel options and a digital display screen on the motor, ergonomic seat belts have been one of the most revolutionary adaptations made to their stairlifts. Installed as standard on every chair, these allow users with reduced mobility in their hands to click in and release with ease. With the option of adding the belt and direction controls to either arm of the chair, users have utmost flexibility in their seatbelt and chair controls, and therefore safety and comfort. 

However, while the Stannah seatbelt may come as standard, users have the choice of three very different models of chair to select from:

choose chair for stairlift - siena Dublin

The Stannah Siena

Stannah’s most popular stairlift comes in the shape of the practical Siena, available in a wide range of wipe-down vinyl upholsteries. The colour options of the Siena stairlift means you’re likely to find one to match your décor, blending seamlessly into your home. Simple contours and a fold-up design make the Siena a smart, practical choice.

The Stannah Starla 

Stannah’s alternative chair is a little more sculpted, its elegance exacerbated by an optional light or dark wood trim. With several woven or faux leather options, the Starla stairlift is a slightly more designer option made to be functional and fit into your life. Just like the Siena, the Starla folds up neatly to allow other users by when it’s not in use. 

choose chair for stairlift - sadler Dublin

The Stannah Sadler

An entirely different concept of stairlift, the Stannah Sadler was designed to make life easier for those with limited movement in their knees and hips. Allowing users to perch safely on a tilted seat that supports their weight as they sit back and come back up, the Sadler is so slimline it doesn’t need to fold away, making it ideal for narrower staircases. An immobilising seatbelt that doesn’t allow the chair to move an inch until it’s securely fastened means safety always comes first, and users can always feel secure, giving them back free use of their stairs. 

Platinum Stairlifts in Ireland

Supplying high-quality stairlifts since 1996, Platinum take a different approach to stairlifts, seeking to offer a tailored design moulded to specific user needs. This means that while they may provide a basic chair, every aspect is adjusted to meet individual user specifications, ensuring you’re as safe and comfortable as can be on every trip up and down your stairs. When your Platinum Stairlift is installed, the engineer will take time to adjust the ERGO chair to your body shape. This will involve:

  • Height of the arms
  • Width of the arms
  • Forward/back position of the seat pad
  • Forward/back position of the seatback

Fitted with a car-type seatbelt for safety and an easy-to-use joystick on the right-hand arm of the chair, the left arm of a Platinum contains a Digital Diagnostic Display that tells you if the lift’s on, needs charging, which way it’s going, and the fault code in the unlikely event your lift malfunctions.

However, though each option is highly customisable, Platinum also offers different options to come even closer to meeting your needs:

platinum stairlift Dublin

The Platinum Ergo

With a padded seat pad and back for extra comfort, the ERGO chair is available in various colours in a handy wipe-down fabric sure to complement your home décor. Adjustable back, pad, and arm positions mean the Ergo prizes comfort above all else and is sure to meet your needs, no matter your size or shape. 

ergo platinum stairlift chair

The Platinum Ergo Plus

Made for users with shorter than average legs, the Ergo Plus sculpted chair allows enough space for your feet to rest comfortably on the stairlift footplate, leaving you feeling more secure than ever as you glide up your staircase. This altered design also means that your knees are brought closer to your body, saving you an extra 25mm of space – ideal for narrow staircases!

choose chair for stairlift - Ergo Dublin

The Platinum Ergo Space

However, if your staircase is particularly narrow, Platinum provides another option that may make all the difference. The curved backrest on the Ergo Space stairlift allows users to sit further back into the seat, gaining even more space – as much as 60mm or 85mm when combined with an ERGO Plus pad.

It’s all about your needs

The choice of the right stairlift for you all comes down to your individual needs and what will make you feel safer on your stairs and fit comfortably into your home. However, it’s not a choice you have to make alone, as we’re here to guide you towards the option best suited to you and your home. Ready to choose your chair? Why not give us a call on 01 4600197?