Frequently Asked Questions

Does a stairlift work on curved staircases?

Yes, stairlifts can be constructed to work on curved and other uniquely shaped staircases.

How long does it take to instal a stairlft?

This will depend on the type of staircase that you have. Straight stairlifts are simpler than the curved models and can be installed in a few hours. Curved stairlifts can take half to a full day to install depending on the configuration required.

Are ther grants available?

Local authorities provide grants under the housing adaptation scheme. You can also get any VAT you pay back with revenue. 

How fast will my stairlift go?

Our stairlifts are designed to operate to the speed set by regulatory standards, which are roughly equivalent to a gentle walking pace. 

How are your stairlifts powered?

All our stairlifts are powered off a battery system. This ensures that the stairlift runs even during a power cut.

What happens in the event of a powercut?

Your stairlift will be unaffected by power cuts as they run on batteries which are kept topped up from the mains electricity when not in use. Batteries are guaranteed for 3 years with replacements costing around €80.

I can’t afford a new model, do you have any other options?

Yes, we can help you with a reconditioned secondhand stair lift or a short term rental option. Please get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

Will I be able to use the stairlift easily?

After our fitter has installed the lift he will demonstrate the operation of the lift to you. Each of our installers has been trained in stairlift handover to the client and he will not leave until you are entirely satisfied.

How expensive is a stairlift to run?

Each journey is equivalent to keeping a 60 watt light bulb on for 10 minutes. Many people often leave sidelights on for hours at a time without giving it a second thought so that you can see that it’s minimal.

What happens if my stairlift breaksdown?

As part of the handover procedure the fitter will explain what to do in the unlikely event of a breakdown. A contact telephone number is left with the handover documentation as well as appearing on a label on the stairlift itself. You will be connected to a manned helpdesk (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) where you’ll speak to an actual person (no frustrating answering machines). If an emergency call out is required we will aim to be on site within 24hrs.

What happens if damage is caused during installation?

Out of the hundreds of installations carried out each year the number of problems that we experience are minimal. If we were at fault we will put it right. We carry full insurance for such eventualities.