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Taunton Home Elevator – Dublin Install

Affordable Quality For Homes
Shaftless Elevators & Lifts

The taunton home elevator is now available for the first time in Ireland – a stylish and compact home lift which provides a simple and easy way of transferring between floors quickly and easily. The Taunton home elevator has been designed to fit into any home environment and is perfect for homeowners who are either looking for help to get around the home, or looking to ‘future proof’ their property.

Discreet, elegant and economical, our home lifts are an ideal solution for you and your family. The unique dual rail technology means this safe, unobtrusive home elevator can be installed quickly and easily. Contact us now and discover how a home lift can start improving your life today.

Prices starting at € 15, 900

Our homelift elevators are premium quality with the highest safety standards in Ireland . The modern and sleek design of our homelifts takes up almost zero space compared to other low-cost shaftless home elevators.

Our shaftless home elevators cost €15,900 with additional government grants available as well as affordable financing so you can choose to spread payments over longer periods of time.

Our homelifts can be installed in 1-2 days after the general preparatory work is complete. Shaftless elevators are the perfect alternative to stair lifts as they modernize your beautiful home while adding convenience and accessibility.