Reconditioned Stairlifts

Reconditioned Stairlifts

Access Stairlifts supply and fit reconditioned Stairlifts. Our team ensures that all our reconditioned stairlifts meet the strictest standards of safety & quality and to that effect, we provide a full warranty with the stairlifts. All quality checks and full tests are undertaken to ensure everything is in working order prior to installation.

As well as offering new, purpose tailored stairlifts, Access stairs ltd also offers a great range of reconditioned stairlifts for both straight and curved staircases

All our reconditioned stairlifts are fully tested to meet the same standards and criteria that are required of new stairlifts. Each stairlift undergoes a thorough 12 point check to guarantee that the lift operates and functions correctly. All worn or damaged parts are replaced using manufacturer parts and accessories. Every reconditioned stairlift is installed with a new set of batteries and comes with a twelve-month warranty.

Reconditioned Straight Stairlifts

The most popular choice of stairlift in the Irish market and therefore the most readily available reconditioned lift. Due to the simplicity of the stairs and the need for only one measurement in most cases, reconditioned straight stairlifts can be ready for installation within a matter of days.

Installation time for straight stairlifts is between 1-2 hours.

Curved Stairlifts 

Reconditioned curved are slightly more complex. Each curve lift is purposely designed for the individual staircase therefor they require a full technical survey to be carried out by one of our trained teams. The stairlift rail is then designed and built by a leading UK manufacturer precisely to that survey.

The process takes between 4-6 weeks for completion from the day of order. The positive to this process is that the rail is totally made from new, it is not different sections of different old stairlifts that are welded together as with some companies.

The only part of the stairlift that is reconditioned is the carriage and seat which undergoes the same rigorous checks and makeover as the straight stairlifts.

Does my reconditioned stairlift come with a warranty? 

All our reconditioned stairlifts come with a one year warranty. The warranty covers all parts and call-outs related to a failure on either the stairlifts part or work undertaken by Access Stairs. It does not, however, cover any damage caused by misuse or by a third party.

Will my Reconditioned stairlift look old? 

A common misconception is that reconditioned stairlifts look old or even sometimes damaged. In some cases, there will be age-related marks or some slight discolouring from the sun, all of which will be cosmetic and have no bearing on the operation or safety of the lift.

That said, at Access Stairs we manage our stock closely. We locally source our lifts, in most cases, they were installed, serviced and maintained by ourselves from new. our lifts are prepared to the highest standards to ensure that your stairlift looks as good as new from the day it was installed