Stair Lift Prices, Cost & Quotations

The cost of the stairlifts depends on the stairlift that you need. Every home is different, and every stairlift is different. Our stairlift specialists are happy to go through the options with you and tell you the price as you may have a budget. Our prices are very competitive and all our reconditioned stairlifts come with a two-year warranty. 

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How much would you expect to pay for a stairlift? 

New Stairlifts 

  • Straight from €1,900.00
  • Reconditioned from €1,200.00
  • Curved from €5,000.00
  • Reconditioned from €4,500.00


New Straight Stairlift 

Our new straight stair lifts prices start from €1,900.00 depending on your requirements (see below for more details).  We, use only the top brand stairlifts i.e. Stannah and Platinum but at the same time remain very competitive in the market. If we come across a like for like quotation we will try to match the price, in turn giving you comfort in the knowledge that you have the best stair lift on the market, backed up with a 24/7 call-out service provided by the best team of fully trained engineers in Ireland.

Cost of a New Curved Stairlift

New curved stairlifts are obviously more expensive starting at €5,000.00 but come with a two-year warranty and full 24/7 back up service. The price also depends on the configuration of the stairs themselves and which different options are required, for instance how long the rail would have to be, how many bends would have to be incorporated into the rail to get to where you want to be (at the top of the stairs)

Why Buy a Second-Hand or Reconditioned Stairlift?

The price is probably the main factor, starting from €1,200.00 our straight reconditioned/second-hand stairlifts come with a full year’s warranty which includes one full stairlift service. 

Our reconditioned curved stairlifts start at €4,500.00 this includes a one-year warranty which can, however, be extended with our extended warranty package.

Additional Stairlift Requirements:

OT Report

You may also have been advised by an OT (occupational therapist) that you might need a powered swivel seat and seat to footrest link. These options can all be priced for accordingly.

Powered Hinge

Sometimes we would have to incorporate a powered hinge so that the stairlift does not block a doorway at the bottom of the stairs.


We can also supply short-term rental stairlifts for straight stairs. Installation costs of €400.00 including the 1st month’s rental plus €100.00 rental per month thereafter.

All our prices come with the full backing of a team dedicated to your needs so why not give us a call and arrange to get a totally free quotation (no obligation) whether it be a private purchase or grant assisted. Maybe you will be eligible to obtain a grant from your local council, should you require any further information regarding this please do not hesitate to give us a call.

All our prices are subject to VAT charged at 13.5%. The VAT charged on stairlifts is reclaimable back from the Revenue.  We will provide you with VAT form and any help you require in filling in the form.