Stannah Sadler

The Stannah Sadler is the ideal stairlift for people with limited mobility in their hips, back, and knees. The Sadler is a completely different stairlift design. It is an innovative stairlift, unlike other perching and traditional style stairlifts, the Sadler helps a user to maintain their posture in an upright position while most of the weight is taken through the seat, reducing the weight on the legs.  

  • The slim design is the ideal solution for narrow staircases  
  • The Sadler is a great stairlift for people who have limited movement in their hips and knees  
  • The Sadler is the ideal alternative to other perching or traditional stairlifts  
  • This stairlift is available in different heights so it would be suitable for both short and tall people  

To find out more details about the Sadler Stairlift, why not give us a call and we can arrange a consultation with one of our friendly specialists.  


Seat Assistance

The Sadler Stairlift includes an innovative saddle-style seat that raises and lowers while the user is seated and when the seat is raised, it will give the user support while getting on and off the seat, making it very convenient. Unlike other perching stairlifts, the Sadler takes the weight off the user’s legs, back, and hips which gives it superior comfort.

Folding Arm and Footrest

The footrest automatically folds up when the arms of the stairlift are folded. This will eliminate the inconvenience of bending over to fold the stairlift away at the bottom or the top of the stairs.

Safety Features

For added security, the stairlift includes a sensor feature so when the Sadler is in motion it will detect any obstructions in the way. The stairlift will then come to an automatic gentle stop.

Immobiliser Seatbelt

For extra safety, the stairlift will not move unless the seatbelt is fastened. The seatbelt is retractable so it is easy for arthritic hands and can be fastened with one hand very easily.

Extra Features

  • The controls are designed simply and intuitively to suit everyone and are also ideal for those with limited dexterity 
  • The key is removable for safety purposes from children 
  • The stairlift is battery-powered so if there is a power cut, the stairlift will still work 
  • The Sadler has a curved slimline rail which gives you and others plenty of room to pass by and use the stairs easy and safely  
  • The Sadler includes remote controls that can be wall-mounted. If you or another need to use the stairlift, it will come straight to you with the press of a button 
  • The Sadler comes with an upholstery fabric in a stone woven design with a light wood trim