Stannah Starla

The Stannah Starla is designed with the perfect blend of safety, style, and comfort in mind. The Starla is the most elegantly designed and out of every stairlift in the Stannah range, this is the most customisable. It is a practical stairlift that will give you freedom and independence to your home. Whatever your tastes may be, the Starla has many different features that will suit both you and your home. The Stannah Stairlift is compatible with every rail type including straight, modular curved, or curved, so whatever your needs may be, we are sure you will find what you are looking for in a Starla. 

The Starla includes: 

  • The stairlift comes with a wide variety of modern and stylish fabric and vinyl upholstery choices. You can also choose whether you would like the stairlift with or without a wood trim 
  • Slimline straight or curved rail options and foldaway chair for minimum footprint  
  • A footrest fold button is available as an extra option for optimum convenience 


Ideal for straight or curved stairs

The Starla stairlift is a highly versatile stairlift that can be fitted and installed to any type of staircase in your home being straight or curved. The straight slimline rails are tailormade whereas the curved railing will be customised to fit and suit your stairs. If you have limited space at the bottom of the stairs, we can provide a single modular tube rail solution which would be the ideal choice for this.

The stairlift is easy to operate and safe

For that added security, there is a seatbelt included which is fitted to either side of the armrest which you can fasten with one hand very easily. Also featured with the stairlift are sensors, this is to ensure while the Starla is moving it will detect any obstructions in the way, the stairlift will then come to a gentle stop.

Customisable options

You can customise your stairlift to suit your specific requirements and home décor. Choose from a wide range of upholstery options, different trims, and a choice of rail colours to make sure it matches your home décor. We also offer custom options including different seatbelt styles and swivel seats.

Footrest folding button option

For practicality and the inconvenience of bending and lifting, the stairlift features a seat-to-footrest link on the straight stairlift or a manual lever on the curved product.  For the ultimate convenience, there is also an option to have a footrest fold button which is automatic situated in the armrest on both stairlift products. 

Extra Features

  • The key is removable for safety purposes from children  
  • The Starla seat is slightly angled making you feel a lot safer while travelling up the stairs 
  • The stairlift comes with a remote-control call button that can be wall-mounted. So, if you are on a different floor, press the button which will make come straight to you 
  • The stairlift is battery-powered so if there is a power-cut the stairlift will still operate  
  • The Starla slimline rails leave plenty of room for you and others to pass and use the stairs safely 
  • The stairlift seat and footrest can be folded away neatly leaving your stairs looking tidy and neat