Extrema S.r.l. Lifts for Wheelchairs

One of the biggest mobility issues for Wheelchair users is a change in levels. Let’s face it, steps are a no-go for wheelchairs. Often the solution is to build a ramp, though these require space that often isn’t available. The solution in these cases is a wheelchair lift.​

Offering a flat platform wheelchair users can roll onto and off with ease, a wheelchair lift will effortlessly allow users to climb and descend otherwise impassable stairs.​

Learn about the benefits of getting a wheelchair lift for your home.​

At Access Stairs we’ve partnered with Extrema S.r.l., one of Europe’s leading Wheelchair Lift manufacturers. This allows us to offer wheelchair lifts for all situations with one of two solutions:

Our installers will be able to take you through each of options available for your staircase and help you choose the stairlift solution that is right for you and your home.

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Mod. Slim Wheelchair Platform

Slim is an inclined platform lift for staircases with curves and is especially suitable for installation in tight spaces.​

Unlike the other products on the market, Slim has no traction unit onboard, minimising the space occupied by the platform. Slim is also silent when functioning and comfortable for the user.​

Slim is, in fact, the most compact inclined platform lift on the market.

With its simple, elegant design, Slim blends perfectly into the original style and architecture of its installation context.

Special priority is given to safety features, which are class leading. The innovative electronic system keeps constant track of the state of the unit, with simple diagnostics that allows the installer to customize the main parameters according to the user’s needs at any time.

What’s more, the lift’s exceptional reliability and versatility also allow the creation of special installations able to deal with steep gradients, curves on the inside or outside of the staircase, rapid changes in gradient and winder treads, providing the best service in any situation​

Wheelchair Lifts

Mod. Logic Wheelchair Platform

Logic is an inclined platform lift specifically developed for straight staircases.

The use of anodised aluminium rails, the airtight wiring and the special painted finish also make Logic suitable for outdoor installation.​

Since it runs on rechargeable batteries, the lift can be used even in the event of power blackouts, while the motor-operated platform and safety bars (provided as standard) simply enable the fully automatic opening and closing of the platform.

Special priority is given to safety features, which are class leading. Logic also has a series of security features which ensure it stops if the platform should accidentally encounter an obstacle on its path.