Curved Stairlifts


The main two types of stairlifts for any home, include Straight or Curved Stairlifts. With the straight stairlifts, they only go in straight lines, whereas the Curved stairlifts are designed to suit staircases that turn corners or are spiral.

If you are looking to purchase or rent a curved stairlift then this information page should give you all the knowledge that you need to know about curved stairlifts.  

Curved Stairlifts

Features of a Curved Stairlift

Curved stairlifts are designed and purpose-built to suit every type of staircase that turns and twists.  

The Track

Each and every curved track is purpose-built to suit your type of staircase in the home for both designs and look. This gives you a great opportunity to have the track fitting perfectly into your home and also suiting your mobility needs.  

The starting position of the stairlift will always begin at the bottom of the stairs. Your feet will always be on the floor when getting in and out of the stairlift.  


curved 2

The position of the stairlift will be determined by the individual rail design. The stairlift generally starts just before the first step. If you would like your chairlift to finish further away from the start of the stairs and your home will allow for this you can choose between these options.  

  • Run On – at the bottom the track is extended so that the chair can terminate away from the stairs 
  • Wrap start – the design of the track is 90 to 180 degrees of bend at the beginning. This positions the track in such a way to position the stairlift neatly out of sight and to reduce obstruction of the stairs.  

Powered Stairlift Options

The powered options that are available for straight stairlifts are generally the same for curved stairlifts but it can vary from manufacturers.  

Powered Swivel

curved 3

The powered swivel is a motorised aid to the swivel mechanism. The seat will automatically turn once the stairlift has reached the top of the track. It works on continuous direction control, therefore the stairlift will travel up the stairs by using the up-direction control. When the stairlift reaches the top of the track the travel will stop then the swivel mechanism will begin within seconds. Once the seat has turned all the way around it will stop allowing the user to step off the lift safely.

Powered swivel benefits: ​

  • Assists users who have little mobility  
  • Assists users who may have issues with lower back strength  
  • Easy to use and little operations to remember  

Powered Footrest

The operation of the powered footrest varies between manufacturers. The footrest is mechanically operated and the movement of the footrest is up and down. To operate the majority of footrests is by using a button or a switch on one of the chair arms. In some cases, it activates when the seat is folded up and down.  

If you have any issues with strength or mobility, especially in the shoulders, back, or arms you will benefit a lot from the powered footrest. Your overall user experience will be a lot easier.